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Our Private Jet Charter Process

In 5 Easy Steps

01. Discuss Budget & Preferences

Together with your air charter consultant, we will identify the most suitable aircraft for your journey based on personal preference and budget.

02. Secure Aircraft

We will work with you to secure the desired aircraft and a detailed preliminary itinerary.

03. Create a Personalized Experience

Leading up to your flight, we will discuss various personal preferences for optimized convenience and comfort (i.e. flight attendant, catering, ground transportation, tarmac access when possible, etc).

04. Finalize Itinerary

You will receive your final itinerary detailing exactly what to do and who to see on the day of your flight.

05. Enjoy Your Flight

All that’s left is for you to fly with peace-of-mind knowing that your safety, convenience and comfort are our top priorities.

Luxury Travel Experience

We understand you, and we know that flying is personal. A good flight can mean peace-of-mind, feeling rested, or the ability to get work done. We take the time to understand your preferences so that your journey is as seamless, safe and efficient as you expect it to be. There is no upfront commitment required. A trusting, transparent and long-term relationship is our goal, and we’re happy to move at your pace to achieve that.

Guaranteed Availability

High demand and limited supply is the biggest challenge in the industry today. Coracle Aviation offers access to programs with guaranteed availability on all flights of eight passengers or less when booking 24+ hours in advance.

Coracle Club

For our most active and discerning clients, we’ve created the Coracle Club.

In addition to our member benefits, we create with you a bespoke program based solely around your individual and/or family flying needs. There is no one-size-fits-all. This is the epitome of bespoke.

Upon successful application approval, there is a low maintenance fee to ensure the continued availability of elite aircraft to our most well-traveled members.

Member Benefits

  • Only pay for what you fly. No positioning costs.
  • Immediate availability to light jets, midsize jets and super-midsize jets.
  • Priority on one-way opportunities.
  • Exclusive appointment to a Coracle Concierge.
  • Access to the Coracle Club network of lifestyle professionals to help properly plan your trip with the utmost attention to detail.
  • Membership packages starting at $7,500.00.

Private Aircraft Safety & Standards

Wyvern & Argus are the two global leaders in aviation safety information services. Wyvern & Argus safety programs and certification criteria exceed FAA standards. We’re happy to provide documentation certifying the Wyvern or Argus status of your aircraft and crew, upon request.

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